January 2013: Birdland NYC March 27th, 2013

|| 2013 || Birdland || NYC ||

Aki Yashiro with Special Guests Helen Merrill, Kurt Elling & Regina Carter

Wed, March 27, 2013

Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 7:00 pm

Doors: 9:00 pm / Show: 9:30 pm


New York, NY

January 2013: Japan Tour in Spring 2013

|| 2013 || Spring Tour || Japan ||

On April 5th: Sapporo Education and Culture Center in Sapporo Hokkaido Japan

On April 7th: Otofuke Town Culture Center-Katogun Hokkaido Japan
April 9-10-11-12: Tokyo Blue Note -Tokyo Japan

August 2009: Article in Jazz Journal

"Two interestingly contrasting LP's from the early part of Helen's long career are combined on this must-have CD for devotees of the very finest jazz singing. The first dozen tracks are from EmArcy MG 36134 - "The Nearness Of You". The prevailing mood is slow, sensitive balladry with similar accompaniment on both dates by flute and rhythm. There are not many instrumental solos but Bill Evans in particular is both..." [read more here]

April 2009: Blue Note

Ms. Merrill will be appearing at the 'Blue Note' clubs in Japan in 2009! Nagoya for one day on the 25th of May 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th in Tokyo.

Her trio will be Ted Rosenthal, piano, Sean Smith, bass and Eliot Zigmond, drums.

Montreal is scheduled for July 10th and 11th..More about that later.

She is preparing a new CD that will be engineered and produced by Kirk Yano..This will be ready for release by end of the year.

Don't forget 'Casa Forte" is available at MOSAICRECORDS.COM with the wonderful Dom um Romeo ,Sal Nistico and the wonderful arrangements of Torrie Zito.
Also the 'Dick Katz sessions.'featuring Jim Hall, Thad Jones, Elvin Jones, and other surprises.

December 2008: NY Times Article

New York Times Article 08/03/08

Mosaic Records Releasing Helen Merrill's CD this month, at the end of June 2008!

Look under new releases at mosiacrecords.com

Helens' Cds with Dick Katz, Ron Carter, JIm Hall, Thad Jones, Elvin Jones..

Also "Casa Forte"..Torrie Zito arrangements of Brazilian music featuring Dom Um Romeo , Sal Nistico, and other great musicians..These cds' are available on MOSAIC RECORDS..They will be in the June catalogue. If you go to the Mosaic Records Sight, look for new releases.

Japan Tour Feb 2009 - Details coming soon

Also working in billboard clubs in Japan, in February 0f 2009. Tokyo, Nagoya, and Fukuoka.

Ms Merrill will be accepting New York engagements as well ..News to follow.

January 2007:

Feb 25th - Nagoya Blue Note
Feb 26-27th - Osaka Blue Note
Mar 1, 2, 3, 4th - Tokyo Blue Note

Helen Merrill - vocals
Ted Rosenthal - piano
Terry Clarke - drums
Steve LaSpina - bass
Alan Merrill - cameo appearance
on guitar and vocals

Laura Merrill-Sachs - tour manager

January, 2007:

Helen Merrill's interview in allaboutjazz.com was elected by this site as one of the 14 best of 2006.

AAJ's Best Interviews of 2006:
A Baker's Dozen (Plus One) by John Kelman

October, 2006:

Check out these Helen Merrill videos on youtube:
I'm a Fool to Want You
Helen Merrill, Merv Griffin, Carroll O'Connor

Helen Merrill's music is on itunes:

March, 2006:

Helen Merrill will be touring Japan this spring!
Check the Tour Dates section for the schedule.

From left to right: Ted Rosenthal [piano], Helen Merrill [vocals], Yujiro Kojima [good friend], Brian Lynch [trumpet], George Mraz [bass], Terry Clark [drums]

Site compoisition/design updates are still underway, and will be for a few more weeks.

Visit www.jazzreview.com for a review of Ms. Merrill at her recent engagement at the Iridium in New York.

Helen has just returned from the Tokyo Blue Note where she enjoyed a wonderful week with bassist Sean Smith, drumer Elliot Cigmond and pianist and band leader Ted Rosenthal. Special guest was her son Alan Merrill, vocals and guitar.

Ms. Merrill's recently released CD "Lilac Wine" is available in stores. [French Notes] [English Notes] [back of CD]

Christmas Songbook is available on itunes